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The Last Time That She Talked To Me

The Hold Steady

Hey Everyone!

We are excited to present the new The Hold Steady song, “The Last Time That She Talked To Me”. We played this in November 2018 at Brooklyn Bowl so the trainspotters know of its existence, but here is the full blown studio version. It was recorded with Josh Kaufman and D. James Goodwin at The Isokon and features Stuart Bogie and Dave Nelson on horns. Annie Nero helped us out with some backup vocals. We think it’s a super fun song, and we are planning to play it in London at The Weekender, which begins THIS FRIDAY! Some final details on those shows will be announced tomorrow. Stay tuned!

If you choose to download this song, a donation will be made to benefit the K+L Guardian Foundation. The K+L Guardian Foundation was formed to benefit "Jersey" Mike Van Jura's children after he suddenly passed away in November 2012 at only 36 years of age. Jersey Mike was the unofficial leader of The Unified Scene.

“The Last Time That She Talked To Me” will be available on all digital streaming platforms this Friday, March 8.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for understanding.

Stay Positive!

The Hold Steady
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Constructive Summer Tour Merch & Stay Positive vinyl!

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